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“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction” - Pablo Picasso 

Here is where the deconstruction of designer bags and the renaissance of rare pieces that contain distinct artistry happens, worn by those searching for longevity in something daringly unconventional. 

Custom By M Industry London

The custom collection is fuelled by the desire to challenge the boundaries of the handbag, constructing it as a treasured work of art, a future heirloom. Each bag is reborn, with attitude, layering contrasts and contradictions of references from fashion, art, history and culture.

Previous projects decadently vandalised include: the Hermes Birkin and Evelyne, the Louis Vuitton Keepall and Neverfull, and the Chanel Deauville.

With endless duplication and reproduction of styles, there is beauty in something that is unapologetically individual. Each custom bag encapsulates a multiplex of time and skill from chosen artisans superior in their field. Here fashion and art collide, increasing the desire for those with a lust for rarity.

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Each bespoke bag is decadent, extroverted, and most of all unexpected to the realm of fashion and art. Magical, escapist and fantastical, each vandalised handbag has become an icon of contemporary design, reborn as a work of art.

The process of remodelling the bespoke handbags is creation, destruction and rebirth. This search for the ultimate, meditative craftsmanship, lifts M Industry creations onto the level of meta-luxury, beyond bespoke, luxury with a deeper meaning. These are objects of desire, expressing the intent of the creator, the hand of the maker, and the personality of the owner.

These pieces should remain a secret to be discovered for impassioned connoisseurs who are collectors themselves, searching for something meaningful and beautifully handcrafted.

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