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Journey into the fantastical world of M Industry London. 

By striving to explore and expand on the concept of iconic beauty, each bag is decadently vandalised. Every piece is both a reference to and a total break from classic ideals and designed to stand out from the crowd. 

Explore the artisanal bag collections and dare to dream with perfectly designed chaos.

Japan Surf Collection

Fall and the sky will catch you. 

Inspired by the allure of Japan, the Japan Surf collection is the collision of fantastically hand-designed embroideries and unique textiles, featuring cool coloured Japanese denim hand-painted by brush. This collection is about the promise of the future, envisioning the hopeful sky, surrounded by the feeling of the blue seas. 

Each Japan Surf bag contains its own unique embroidery with an extract of an authentic Japanese kimono; these include iconic stitched animals or intriguing scenic and natural elements from Japan's heritage. Hours of craftsmanship have gone into vandalising statement pieces of enchanting wearable art embodying Japanese beauty.

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Clash Collection

Dare to dance with Clash.

Punk and Disco are the clashing elements that created this collection. Clash celebrates the blend of glitter and tartan, of shine and safety pins and of The Clash and Donna Summer. These bags are designed to amplify the desire to go to Studio 54 and CBGBs in combat boots and a Halston dress. 

The Clash collection includes intricate details assembled to display the artistry in contained chaos. Vandalised with rainbow stitching and stand out studs, bags are accompanied with hand-designed embroidered guitar straps inspired by those worn by musicians.

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Desert Collection

Searching across the desert for you.

Inspired by the fascination of the desert, the mesmerising hues that bleed into the day, and night skies that reflect onto the sand dunes, the Desert collection embodies the essence of every desert we each cross for ourselves and on behalf of others. 

This collection is vandalised with the added influence of artist Georgia O’Keeffe, encapsulating the artist's soft contours and muted yet alluring colour palettes. Bags are hand stencilled, whilst others are constructed using dismantled military bags, each piece is truly individual and has its own story to tell.

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Superstition Collection 

Your Future Fashion. Now. 

The Superstition collection embraces a kaleidoscope of strong, bright colours and embodies the idea that fashion is fortune. With rainbow knitting and symbolic stitching, meticulously embellished worry dolls, horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, and other emblems connoting prosperity, these pieces are an epitome of distinctive designs. 

The protruding heart within this collection is inspired by the offering of an Ex-voto, an art form given to a saint as a gift of gratitude, another reflection of the hours of craftsmanship performed on each bag. Perfect for those who want more than a bag, and desire the creative expression of wearable art.

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