• Your future fashion. Now.

    Your future fashion. Now.

    The Superstition collection embraces a kaleidoscope of strong, bright colours and embodies the idea that fashion is fortune.

Maddalena Mincione

Maddalena Mincione

Italian-born Maddalena Mincione knew that when she started M Industry London it should be fueled by originality, by the creativity and technical ingenuity at the heart of the fashion world and by her love of art.

M is mad about

  • Maddalena's mid-month
    Maddalena's mid-month Selection
    "What you wear impacts the way you move through the world. When you carry a piece that is designed to act as a talisman, your outlook and fortune necessarily brighten."

Decadent Details

Every M Industry London bag is conceived with meticulous attention to each detail and element.

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