The Superstition Campaign

The Superstition Campaign

The Superstition collection embraces a kaleidoscope of strong, bright colours and embodies the idea that fashion is fortune.

What you wear impacts the way you move through the world. When you carry a piece that is designed to act as a talisman, your outlook and fortune necessarily brighten.

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    • Jimi Aubergine Jimi Aubergine




      1 MORE color
      • JIMI AUBERGINE Aubergine
      • JIMI RED Red
    • Avedon Green Avedon Green




      3 MORE colors
      • AVEDON YELLOW Yellow
      • AVEDON BLUE Blue
      • AVEDON GREEN Green
      • AVEDON PINK Pink
    • Franklin Pink Franklin Pink




      1 MORE color
      • FRANKLIN AUBERGINE Aubergine
      • FRANKLIN PINK Pink

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